Our Services

  • Boot/Shoe Fitting

    Our expert fitters will help you find the right footwear for your adventure. Our Sidas foot scanner can also match you with the ideal insole for your needs.

  • Backpack/Trail Vest Fitting

    Don’t be weighed down with ill-fitting kit. Our team of experts will find the perfect pack so you can focus on the task at hand.

  • Personal Shopping

    Want to build a layering system for a particular trip? We’re on hand to find the best kit for any adventure with our signature personal touch.


  • We went to buy our first pair of walking boots and Sophie was brilliant. She was really knowledgeable, and patient and listened to what we were looking for. We came away with the perfect pair of boots each and have even been back to buy the cleaning pack. Would highly recommend this shop, specifically Sophie.

  • I thank Sophie for her care and attention today. Sophie reviewed my gait and used the machine to check how my weight was distributed on my feet and was able to provide me with insoles to adjust my feet. I immediately felt that I was standing and walking with better posture and look forward to gradually building up the time with the insoles to improve my pain. Sophie was knowledgeable, understood my needs and was able to immediately provide me with the correct product. Thanks again Sophie

  • I was back in the Epicentre this weekend, this time for ladies' boots. Christie absolutely nailed it for knowledge, advice, and customer service. Another great experience and satisfied customer. Well worth the trip (we travelled up to Ambleside just to visit the Epicentre).

    We always get what we need here, and I don't remember ever being dissatisfied. Staff are always helpful and knowledgeable. There are some things you can not do online, so I always start at the Epicentre. Sophie was brilliant helping my son find a pair of walking shoes and the right insoles for my daughter.

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